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Macs Cleaners

Here is a list of value-added services in addition to our premium Dry Cleaning services. 

  • Alteration and Repair Department on-premises 
    We employ a team of highly skilled Tulsa dry cleaners seamstresses who are capable of just about any type of repair, wedding dress preservation, or tailoring work.

    Each member of this Tulsa laundry service team has years of knowledge and experience that has been proven to be an invaluable service to our customers who use the cleaners Tulsa has come to trust. 
  • Cuffs, hems, buttons, and minor repairs tacked Free 
  • Wet Cleaning Department 
    There are some instances in which certain stains or general soils are not completely soluble in dry-cleaning solvent. 

    Or, in many cases, better finishing results can be gained for the garment and fabric through an alternative process called wet-cleaning.

    We have an out standing wet-cleaning department which is skilled in the use of water washing chemicals and techniques. 

    In today's ever-growing world of style and fashion, some garments are not constructed to withstand the dry-cleaning process, even though the care label recommends dry-cleaning. 

    During the wet-cleaning process, the greatest precaution is used to prevent shrinkage, loss of color and fabric distortion. 

    The wet-cleaning department is a valuable tool which allows us to provide our customers with better results and service. 
  • Draperies: The Perfect Pleater 
    Drapery cleaning and finishing is another specialty of ours. We are the best in the business. 

Drapes are carefully dry-cleaned or washed [according to their needs] under closely monitored conditions to prevent shrinkage or damage.

After cleaning, drapes are pressed on a specialized drapery press and then decorated roll-pleated on our perfect pleater. 

The perfect pleater sets us apart from our competition. It is a device designed to give draperies correct shape with beautifully rounded folds and even hem lines.

We know that a clean, crisply finished drapery with rounded folds is what makes a room look great. Quality finishing is the key. There is no other dry cleaners Tulsa equipment available that can produce this type of quality finishing.

  • Shirt Department: Hand-Finished Shirt - Shirt buttons replaced Free 
    Our Tulsa laundry business understands that for our customers to look their best, they must be wearing bright, crisply pressed shirts. We have installed top-of-the-line shirt-pressing equipment, a 12-point inspection and a hand-finishing procedure to produce a high quality dress shirt. 

    Shirts are laundered in state-of-the-art washing machines that regulate temperature and color-safe chemicals. Our shirt laundering process is designed to remove the toughest stains, including the ground-in collar and cuff soils. The process also brightens fabrics, giving shirts a "like-new" appearance.

Shirts are pressed on state-of-the-art shirt finishing equipment by skilled operators. Each shirt then undergoes a complete quality inspection covering adequate cleaning, spots and stains, buttons and pressing quality.

Our Tulsa laundry services special hand-finished shirts. After inspection, each shirt is hand-finished with a steam iron. We do the small things that make the big difference. Sleeves are pressed and creased if the customer wishes, all cuff pleats are ironed in, collars stand up and are pressed crisp and cuffs are wrinkle-free. Back pleats are pressed in. Shirts are finished with no starch, light starch or heavy starch.

  • Leathers, Furs and Suede 
    We can provide our customers high quality leather, fur and suede services at terrific guaranteed prices. 

Our Tulsa cleaners can clean leather, suede and fur coats, jackets, pants, dresses, skirts, shorts and vests. Services also include cleaning boots, purses, gloves, hats, seat covers, sweaters and vinyl-trimmed items. 

We also offer an extensive list of leather and suede repairs and alterations.

  • Wedding Gowns and formal wear specialists 
    We clean, preserve and permanently package wedding gowns better than any one. 

Our gown preservation service seals gowns air-tight with clear, non-yellowing film in a beautifully designed chest with a viewing panel.

  • Fire Restoration 
    If your clothing has been through a fire, we can fix it. 

    Smoke damage to clothes can sometimes be a difficult thing to reverse, but Mac's Cleaners has the equipment and capability to get the job done. 
  • Sheets, Linens & Bundle Service

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Macís Tulsa Dry Cleaners & Shirt Laundry, Inc. guarantees the quality of our dry cleaning. Mac's Cleaners, Tulsa Laundry Services, offers quality dry cleaning service at prices you will find at many other neighborhood retail dry cleaners Tulsa stores. We offer an array of services from wash and fold laundry, dry cleaning, to wedding dress preservation. Our Tulsa cleaners operation has been in business since 1952 to help serve the Tulsa laundry business by constantly giving utmost care that one would expect from a Tulsa laundry service. 

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