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Macs Cleaners

I'm worried about my clothes being stolen. Has this ever happened?
No! We have never had a case of a stolen bag or stolen returned clothing since we have been in Pickup and Delivery business. We pride ourselves as the cleaners Tulsa can depend and rely on.

How do I select the Pickup and Delivery Location (PDL) at my house?
Very simple. Together we choose a location that meets certain criteria. Some prefer through the side gate on the side of the house. Others have fairly secluded front entrances with good overhang to protect returned clothing in bad weather. Whatever the case, your Tulsa dry cleaners route driver will help you select a location that meets all the criteria to take care of your Tulsa laundry services. 

I'm never home. How do you get my clothes?
You place your Top Priority bag in your Pickup & Delivery Location (PDL) by 8 am on your route day and your driver checks your PDL sometime during that day. The very next route day, those clothes are delivered to your PDL with an invoice attached. The charges are placed on your account and you will be billed once a month. 

What if I have a problem with a garment?
Your route driver is your personal representative at Mac's Cleaners. A phone call to him/her or a note in your bag will get you in touch with your route driver. Our Tulsa laundry business has found that dealing with the same person each time there is a question or concern allows a higher level of service and customer satisfaction. 

Which days are my route days?
Your route driver services your house twice a week. Check with your driver for delivery days. 

Is there an extra charge for this service?
No! You pay the exact same price as if you were to bring your garments into the dry cleaners Tulsa store. No delivery or any other additional charges are involved with our Tulsa laundry service. 

What if I need something sooner than the three-day turnaround on your route service?
A simple phone call to your route driver will handle any special request. We don't out-source our work to the lowest bidder; we own and operate our own plant so we can have your clothes ready at the store the day after they are picked up. 

How do I pay?
For your convenience, our Tulsa cleaners will charge your credit card for your cleaning, laundering, or even wedding dress preservation. We keep on file the credit card information and when the monthly statements are generated, their charges go directly onto their credit cards. They still receive a monthly statement showing their account activity and proof that the credit card was billed. 

Can I get alterations or repairs done?
Yes, minor repairs are still done at no extra charge. All others will be done based on the request attached to the garment or instructions in the bag.


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tulsa dry cleaners, dry cleaners tulsa, wedding dress preservation, tulsa cleaners, cleaners tulsa, tulsa laundry service, tulsa laundry business, tulsa laundry services

Macís Tulsa Dry Cleaners & Shirt Laundry, Inc. guarantees the quality of our dry cleaning. Mac's Cleaners, Tulsa Laundry Services, offers quality dry cleaning service at prices you will find at many other neighborhood retail dry cleaners Tulsa stores. We offer an array of services from wash and fold laundry, dry cleaning, to wedding dress preservation. Our Tulsa cleaners operation has been in business since 1952 to help serve the Tulsa laundry business by constantly giving utmost care that one would expect from a Tulsa laundry service. 

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